Laboratory of nanotechnology

In addition to nanostructure production, the main focus of our work lies in investigating interfacial phenomena. We specialize in determining the contact angle through the sessile drop method, a crucial aspect in soldering and the production of water-repellent, self-cleaning coatings. Our expertise extends to synthesizing and investigating various nanomaterials, including bulk and surface nanocomposites, heat storage materials, thin films, multilayer structures, metal and ceramic nanoparticles, and carbon nanostructures. Alongside synthesis and investigation, we employ physicochemical and thermodynamic modeling to characterize the behavior of nanomaterials and interfaces.


  • Investigation of wetting properties, surface properties, and the impact of surface modification processes
  • Production and testing of thin films
  • Examination of the thermal behavior of thin films and surface composites, including the effects of heat treatments on nanostructured materials
  • Analysis of adsorption properties
  • Thermodynamic modeling of material properties, wetting, and interface properties


  • Soldering tests
  • Wetting tests
  • Coating creation from gas phase and aqueous solutions
  • Production and investigation of carbon nanostructures from organic materials
  • Thermodynamic modeling


  • PVD equipment (Korvus Technology Ltd): RF and DC generators, heated sample holder, atomization from four sources simultaneously, formation of pure metals and compounds
  • Contact angle measuring equipment: wetting testing of molten metals, glass meltings, salt meltings, KSV evaluation software, use of high vacuum furnace (10^-8 bar) and argon furnace (1 bar Ar), measuring possibility between 400 °C and 1100 °C
  • Devices for the chemical production of nanostructures
  • Natur Motor Ltd.: Brazing experiments
  • GMOZERO HUNGARY Ltd.: Gradient composites


  • GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00027 project entitled “Sustainable operation of the workshop of excellence for the research and development of crystalline and amorphous nanostructured materials” (Preparation of nano-multilayered coatings)

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