Industrial quality control

This competency focuses on surface topographic and geometric measurements for quality control purposes in industrial and custom parts manufacturing. It involves examining the surface roughness, form accuracy, and three-dimensional coordinates of parts using various measurement techniques and tools.


  • Two- and three-dimensional surface roughness measurement and analysis
  • Examination of form accuracy of parts
  • Three-dimensional coordinate measurement
  • Measurements using profile projector and conventional devices
  • Examinations using a stereomicroscope


  • Surface roughness measurement and analysis with mobile and fixed roughness measuring devices
  • Measurement and analysis of shape and position errors
  • Three-dimensional geometric measurements with CNC coordinate measuring machines
  • Geometric measurements with conventional tools and profile projectors
  • Stereomicroscopic imaging and analysis


  • AltiSurf 520 3D measuring device for surface topography with AltiMap evaluation software
  • Talyrond 365 shape and position tester with Ultra evaluation software
  • Mitutoyo SJ-310 portable roughness tester
  • Zeiss Stereo Discovery V.8 stereomicroscope with AxioVision evaluation software
  • Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 profile projector and digital measuring instruments
  • Dea Global Classic 050505 3D coordinate measuring machine


  • VT Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.: Surface roughness measurement on plastic prism parts
  • BorsodChem cPlc.: Surface roughness measurement of UK-2870 hydrochloric acid compressor components
  • Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd.: Measuring the depth of scratches on aluminium cover parts
  • Bay Zoltán Applied Research Nonprofit Ltd.: Optical profilometric tests on anodized aluminium alloy samples

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