Heat treatment and surface treatment of metals

This competency involves optimizing heat treatment and surface treatment technologies for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Complex test methods are employed to detect the source of heat treatment problems, and proposals are made to solve these issues while also developing new heat treatment technologies through investigation of physical metallurgical, mechanical, and physical properties. Additionally, support is provided for layer addition techniques.


  • Detection of issues related to unwanted properties formed during production


  • Development and optimization of heat treatment technologies
  • Development and optimization of surface treatment technologies
  • Identification of the cause of heat treatment issues
  • Development of heat treatment technology for new materials
  • Measurement of material properties for heat-treating planning
  • Creating transformation diagrams
  • Development and optimization of layer addition technologies


  • Programmable chamber laboratory furnaces
  • Programmable shaft laboratory furnaces
  • Gas nitrocarburizing equipment
  • Equipment for measuring mechanical properties
  • Equipment for microstructure investigations
  • Equipment for fine structure investigation
  • PVD equipment
  • GD-OES spectrometer
  • Plasma cleaner equipment


  • Flanschtech Ltd. – Determination of the reason for soft spots in forged and heat-treated pieces
  • Hanon Systems Hungary Ltd. – Discovering the cause of nitriding failure
  • Advanced Forming Technology – Hungary Ltd. – Discovery of the surface failure by MIM pieces
  • Modine Hungária Ltd. – Development of heat treatment technology for Inconel springs
  • Advanced Forming Technology – Hungary Ltd. – Mapping the cause of hardness inhomogeneity on components made with MIM technology
  • Arconic Köfém Ltd. – Optimization of the heat treatment of malleable aluminum alloys
  • Schmelzmetall Deutschland GmbH. – Development of a wear-resistant brass alloy and optimization of its mechanical properties
  • FAG Magyarország Ipari Ltd. – Determination of the cause of crack of bearing rings

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