Finite element analysis for machine design

This competency involves performing simulation, evaluation, and optimization using finite element software systems based on 3D CAD models created by machine and product designers. The goal is to recommend design improvements that make tools more competitive and safer.


  • Performing finite element simulations and evaluations
  • Optimizing products, machine elements, or units based on different objective functions (load capacity, weight, material usage, production cost)
  • Conducting complex dynamic studies (spectrum analysis, harmonic analysis, random vibrations, balancing, machine foundation)


  • Product simulation, finite element analysis, control, and development
  • Product optimization
  • Teaching finite element program systems
  • Programming and teaching finite element program systems


  • ANSYS Workbench finite element program system
  • Solid Edge 3D design software
  • Computer lab with 12 workstations


  • Optimization of automotive electronics unit panels to minimize specific deformation and waste generation during control measurements at BOSCH’s Hatvan plant
  • Investigation of gas burner deformation and stress under operating conditions for TÜKI Miskolc
  • Vibration and balance tests of a car air conditioning fan for BOSCH in Miskolc
  • Investigation of bevel gears and angular defects to further develop an engine for Rába Axle Ltd.

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