Energy performance of buildings

The University of Miskolc has been developing measuring devices and performing expert measurements for decades, primarily in order to optimise the electricity consumption of electricity suppliers, public buildings and industrial facilities. Recently, device development and system integration has expanded with the development of custom IoT tools and IT solutions that can be easily and efficiently applied to energy management systems in buildings and even smart grids.


  • Electricity and Electricity Efficiency
  • General Electronic Device Development, including Wired and Wireless IoT Devices for Building Energy Systems
  • On-site and Remote Monitoring of Electricity Systems for Service Providers and Consumers
  • Investigation and Identification of Disturbances in the Electricity Network
  • Energy Analysis and Development of Industrial Systems, Buildings, and Equipment


  • Smart meters adaptable to individual needs, integratable into building energy systems
  • Development of smart control units with wired and wireless communication capabilities (Ethernet, Modbus, Wi-Fi, LoRa, GSM/4G, NB-IoT)
  • Electrical measurement and expertise for industrial sites and public buildings
  • Development of measuring, monitoring, and test systems and equipment for automotive and commercial industrial applications, customized to individual needs
  • Measurement and calculation tools for energy processes


  • Vibration meter (Easy Viber)
  • Flue gas analyzer (TESTO 330)
  • Universal measuring instruments for flow rate, temperature, absolute pressure, differential pressure, volume flow, and humidity (TESTO 400, 445, 701)
  • 64-channel pressure gauge (Single Scanivalve System)
  • Pressure gauge (Druck DPI 145)
  • Ultrasonic flow meter (PANAMETRIX PT868)
  • Infrared thermometer (IRCON)
  • Measurement data logger (SPIDER 8)
  • Energy logger (Energy Logger 3500)
  • Two thermal imagers and their evaluation software (VarioCAM, IRCON)
  • Software tools (ANSYS, Autodesk Inventor, PTC MathCAD 15, DesignBuilder, Engineering Pro)


  • Construction of a building management system at E.ON’s Trans-Tisza Electricity Network site
  • Preparation and on-site revival of electricity network data collection devices on the runways and network endpoints of transformer stations operating in the area of E.ON Trans-Tisza Electricity Network, Satrax Kft.
  • HVAC system modernization study, Borsod Brewery
  • Energy Auditor / Energy Review Training Program, MIHŐ
  • Efficient and optimal energy distribution for electricity providers, optimization of controls, ÉMÁSZ

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