Dustlab – analysis of explosion characteristics

Knowledge of materials and their proper handling in potentially explosive atmospheres is a mandatory element. DustLab provides an opportunity for a fact-based approach to highly flammable and explosive substances and their mixtures used in different technologies and for the implementation of user specification, design, and operation, as well as further analyses.


  • Determination of explosion characteristics of dusts, gases and vapours and hybrid mixtures
  • Carrying out tests according to European and USA standards


  • Go/No-go test (ASTM E1226, EN ISO/IEC 80079-20-2)
  • Determination of explosion characteristics (Pmax, KSt, Kg) (ASTM E1226-10, EN 14034-1, EN 14034-2)
  • Determination of Lower explosion limit – LEL (EN 14034-3, ASTM E1515)
  • Layer Ignition Temperature – LIT (ASTM E2021, EN 50281-2-1, IEC 61241-2-1)
  • Minimum Ignition Energy – MIE (ASTM E2019, EN 13821)
  • Minimum Ignition Temperature – MIT (ASTM E1491,EN 50281-2-1)
  • Limiting Oxygen Concentration – LOC (ASTM E2931-13, EN 14034-4)
  • Launching explosion protection for professional engineers and highly specific training in relevant areas


  • Kühner 20 litre explosion chamber determination of Pmax, KSt, Kg, LEL, LOC
  • Dekra LIT equipment
  • Dekra MIE equipment
  • Dekra MIT equipment
  • Horiba LA-950 V2 laser scanner for particle distribution


  • Veproil Kft.
  • ExNB Kft.
  • Bunge Zrt.
  • Duna-Dráva Cement Kft.
  • Dow Agroscience Kft.
  • Ongropack Kft.
  • Borsodchem Zrt.
  • Aromabázis Kft.
  • MOL Nyrt.
  • Zoltek Zrt.
  • Hungrana Kft.
  • AUDI Hungária Kft.
  • Pannon Növényolaj Kft.
  • IKEA
  • General Electric
  • LeBelier
  • Schneider Electric
  • Arconic
  • Dunacell
  • Kall Ingredients
  • Solver Unio

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