Development of petrophysical measurements and the related instruments

The Institute specializes in measuring and determining petrophysical parameters crucial for the exploration, resource estimation, and cultivation of hydrocarbon fields and water bodies. This involves investigating physical and chemical parameters catering to the unique needs of the construction and chemical industry.


  • Direct determination of parameters on drilling core samples
  • Artificially consolidated porous sample body manufacturing for special needs
  • Analysis of storage, conductive, insulating, physical, mechanical, and rheological properties
  • Laboratory and desired pT condition analysis

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Decades-long experience in recovery factor enhancement, storage protection, and formation treatment. Successful experiments include fluid transport processes’ influence on core samples from Hungary and abroad, and artificially consolidated rock samples. Measurements involve modeling hydrocarbon migration, saturation equilibrium states, and pressure conditions during and after EOR/EGR treatment.


  • RCA & SCA (Routine and Special Core Analysis)
  • CFA (Core Flooding Analysis)
  • EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)
  • EGR (Enhanced Gas Recovery)

SERVICES: Prototype measurement devices, comprehensive development of laboratory equipment, and implementation of measurement/experiment processes. Activities include modeling, device design, programming, construction, assembly, and interpretation of results following industrial protocols for quality and data security.


  • Nano-K permeameters, LiquiPerm, and PermeaMaster permeameters
  • PPD permeameter
  • Quantachrome 1200e pycnometer
  • Determination of mercury injection porosity and pore size distribution with Pascal 140, Pascal 440 devices
  • Ultra Rock Centrifuge for displacement measurements
  • DT310 device for zeta potential and electrical conductivity measurements


  • Laboratory support for MOL – Pilot tests – reservoir engineering monitoring program
  • Design and manufacturing of a prototype equipment for investigating acoustic propagation under a CT scanner on MOL rock samples
  • Development and implementation of a self-propelled measurement robot for natural gamma ray measurements on rock samples from MOL drillings
  • Mecsekérc Ltd. – Development and implementation of a laboratory test equipment for investigating fracturing
  • MOL – Development and implementation of high-pressure laboratory feeding equipment for oil and gas industry displacement measurements

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