Complex plastic research

Our comprehensive laboratory department offers extensive material testing capabilities, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to characterize the mechanical and physical properties of plastics. With the ability to conduct measurements according to 600 different standards, we ensure thorough evaluation and precise analysis of various materials.


  • Conducting complex material tests with a focus on mechanical and physical properties
  • Expertise in detecting material structure defects and identifying underlying problems
  • Leading the development of polyurethane raw materials for profiles
  • Rigorous evaluation and interpretation of material test results
  • Preparation of official reports summarizing findings and recommendations


  • Density testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Compression testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Tear strength testing
  • Dynamic fatigue testing
  • Aging tests (autoclave, dry, wet)
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) testing
  • Acoustic testing for sound absorption and insulation properties


  • Zwick Roell Z010 materials testing machine
  • Biobase steam sterilizing autoclave
  • POL-EKO Aquaterra SLW240 air mixer oven
  • Biobase humidity control climate chamber
  • GP-VOC 010D VOC chamber for emission testing
  • Acoustic cabin and standalone acoustic tube with standard instrumentation


  • MOL: Development and testing of polyurethane foam
  • BorsodChem: Development and testing of low-VOC polyurethane foam

With our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we provide comprehensive solutions for material testing and analysis, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance for our industrial partners.

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