Complex investigation of solar cells and solar systems

The share of solar power plants in the electricity network implies increased problems through electric grid feedback. In addition, environmental impacts also affect the operation of solar panels and thus their power plants, so it has become necessary to study both solar panels and their power plants in a complex way.


• Condition assessment and diagnostics of solar cells
• Electric grid feedback and data analysis
• Laboratory and outdoor measurement of solar panels
• Measurement and evaluation of the effects of environmental factors (temperature, surface pollutants)
• Simulation studie


• Thermovision testing of solar cells
• Electrical measurements, grid impact assessments
• Measurement and analysis of the effects of temperature and surface contaminants
• Performing laboratory and outdoor measurements
• Creating simulations for constant and variable temperature behaviour


• LED-Halogen Solar Simulator for standard laboratory testing of solar cells with a maximum size of
165×165 mm
• Halogen Sunlight Simulator for testing solar panels
• Solar cell tester
• Measuring and data acquisition system for electrical parameters as well as temperature


• MVM OVIT Zrt.: Exploring the causes of solar panel damage in a solar park

Our integrated approach combines advanced analysis techniques with cutting-edge tools to ensure the optimal performance and grid integration of solar power systems. Whether in the laboratory or out in the field, our services provide valuable insights for optimizing solar energy production and mitigating potential challenges.

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