CAD/CAM design, machining

The CAD/CAM competence at the Institute of Machine Tools and Mechatronics primarily covers the use of design systems and their application in the design of production equipment, special-purpose machines, machining equipment, and machine units. In today’s world, it is a basic requirement to be able to complete a design task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Computer-aided design has great significance in industrial practice when designing tools, equipment, and machining procedures.


  • CAD-based modeling and design of machining equipment
  • Use of CAM machining systems
  • Finite element simulations for industrial tasks


  • CAD design of machining equipment, special-purpose machines, machine units
  • Performing simulations for machining equipment
  • CAM production planning, machining
  • Reverse engineering


  • Breuckmann Smart Scan 3D-HE 3D optical scanner
  • Design Informatics Laboratory – industrial licensed UNIGRAPHICS NX engineering design system
  • CNC laboratory – DMU 40 HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 5D CNC milling center and CTX Alpha 500 CNC turning center


  • Examination of UBBDA type plate rolling mill equipment, elaboration of development proposals – ANDRITZ Kft., Tiszakécske
  • Preparation of an R&D study revealing the operating vibrations of the high-performance block milling machine operating in the Rolling Mill hall of Alcoa-Köfém Kft., Székesfehérvár
  • Redesign of infra gas burners made by Ebner for Rolling Mill- Alcoa-Köfém Kft.
  • Strength examination of a NEFF 1250 hydraulic press using analytical and numerical mechanical methods –Hajdú Autótechnika Ipari Zrt.
  • Strength examination of a NEFF 800 hydraulic press using analytical and numerical mechanical methods – Hajdú Autótechnika Ipari Zrt.

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