Licensing of nuclear energy from a safety perspective

Training objective: to introduce the complex licensing system of nuclear law. The training will describe the different types of licences required for the operation of nuclear power plants, radioactive waste repositories and other nuclear installations. Students will gain knowledge of the licensing regime for the whole life cycle of nuclear installations.

Training time: 20 hours

Training venue: University of Miskolc

Miskolc University, Mikkeli:

The training introduces participants to the main elements of licensing procedures related to the nuclear energy sector. Students who have completed the training will be able to use the basic knowledge of licensing in the nuclear sector in their work.

Main topics:

  1. Basic concepts related to nuclear licensing
  2. Basic concepts of nuclear energy licensing
  3. General principles of the regulatory framework for nuclear power plants
  4. The role of the National Nuclear Energy Office in licensing
  5. Main stages in the licensing of a nuclear power plant
  6. Requirements for the licensing procedure for nuclear installations
  7. Role of the Nuclear Safety Regulations in the licensing process
  8. Safety policy
  9. Nuclear Accident Management Action Plan
  10. Site inspection and assessment licence
  11. The site licence
  12. The environmental licensing procedure
  13. Submission of a site licence
  14. Activities that may be carried out under the establishment licence
  15. Establishment permit
  16. Authorisation to extend the operating period
  17. Definition of radioactive waste
  18. Steps in the management of radioactive waste
  19. Licences for storage facilities
  20. Temporary storage facility for radioactive waste
  21. National Radioactive Waste Repository
  22. Licensing of the National Radioactive Waste Repository
  23. National Policy and National Programme

Responsible for the training: Prof. Dr. Anita Paulovics, Professor, ME ÁJK ÁTI,, Dr. Zsófia Hornyák, Assistant Professor, ME ÁJK CTI,

Minimum and maximum number of participants: min 5, max 30

Planned start of training: on request at any time

Who is it for?- People interested in the nuclear energy sector with at least a bachelor’s degree

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