Thermal and time-dependent behaviour of polymers

This service allows the investigation and modelling of the thermal and time-dependent behaviour of polymers. The equipment used and its specification are described below:

Test/Modelling Title: Thermal and time-dependent behaviour of polymers.

Equipment/Software Name, Type: DMA25 (Differential Mechanical Analyzer) is a DMA manufactured by Metravib.


  • Dynamic Mechanical Measurements: the DMA25 equipment performs dynamic mechanical measurements to investigate the behaviour of polymers under different loading and temperature conditions.
  • Polymer Receptors and Structure Correlation: The equipment is suitable for studying the correlation between polymer receptors and structure.
  • Compatibility: The DMA25 allows the study of compatibility between polymeric materials.
  • Tg (Glass Transition Temperature): Determination of the glass transition temperature, important for understanding and designing polymer properties.
  • Rheological Properties: The instrument is suitable for measuring the rheological properties of polymers.
  • Creep and Dilatometric Measurements: The DMA25 can be used to perform both creep and dilatometric measurements.
  • Maximum Force: The maximum force range of the instrument is 25 N.
  • Displacement: Maximum displacement of the device is ±3 mm in one direction or 6 mm in one direction.
  • Measurement Frequency Range: The measurement frequency range of the DMA25 is 0,01-200 Hz.
  • Temperature range: The DMA25 has a temperature range from -150°C to 700°C.

This equipment enables in-depth testing and modelling of polymers, which is important in the design and development of polymer materials. With the DMA25, it is possible to gain a detailed and accurate understanding of polymer behaviour under different conditions, which can contribute to the development and improvement of materials.

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