Testing of plastic forming press tools

This service tests plastic forming press tools and uses the following equipment for this purpose:

Testing/Modelling Designation: Testing of plastic forming press tools.

Equipment Name and Type: PYE 63 S1 press machine.


  • Pressing force: 63 tons of pressing force, which allows high force press testing.
  • Piston rod stroke: 500 mm piston rod stroke, which determines the maximum distance of movement of the press.
  • Press head dimensions: the dimensions of the press head are 400 x 530 x 85 mm, indicating the size of the impact on the materials to be tested.
  • Bottom Table Dimensions: The dimensions of the bottom table are 560 x 750 x 90 mm, which is the size of the surface to be placed under the material to be tested.
  • Maximum Distance Between Table and Printhead: The equipment allows the maximum distance between the table and the printhead to be adjusted within a range of 800 mm.
  • High-speedmovement of the piston rod: the piston rod moves at a speed of 360 mm/s, allowing rapid preparation and testing of materials.
  • Piston rod free movement: the piston rod moves freely at a speed of 63 mm/s.
  • Anti-wrinkle force: The equipment is equipped with a 25 ton anti-wrinkle force, which can help to determine test results more accurately.
  • Operating Pressure: The operating pressure is 160 kp/cm2.

This equipment is ideal for testing plastic forming press tools and allows the effects and properties of exposure to different materials to be tested.

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