Rock centrifuge capillary pressure measurement

In the “Rock centrifuge capillary pressure measurement” test, the CoreTest URC-628 is used. The specifications of the instrument are given below:

  • Measurement can be performed on 3 samples simultaneously, sample dimensions: diameter (d) 1.5″ and length (l) up to 2″.
  • Measurements can be performed in water-gas and water-oil systems.
  • Maximum speed: 16,500 rpm.
  • Maximum capillary pressure: 15-20 bar (for water-oil system) and approx. 90-100 bar (for water-gas system).
  • The instrument is also equipped with computer software and a liquid level sensor camera.

The CoreTest URC-628 allows the measurement of capillary pressure of rock samples and is suitable for various systems, including water-gas and water-oil systems. The instrument’s maximum speed and pressure allow accurate and reliable measurements, while its computer software and camera make it easy to record and analyse data.


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