Melting, softening, sintering point (temperature) determination

The following equipment is used for the “Melting, softening, sintering point (temperature) determination” test:

Camar Elettronica Welding microscope:

  • Maximum temperature: 1600°C

This sophisticated equipment allows the determination of the melting, softening and sintering points of solids based on temperature conditions.

The Camar Elettronica Welding Microscope has an exceptionally high maximum temperature of up to 1600°C, allowing testing in high temperature ranges. This is particularly important for a thorough understanding and optimisation of the properties of solid materials.

The instrument offers precise measurement accuracy and reliability, which is key to obtaining accurate and reliable results. Our laboratory performs these types of tests to gain deeper insight into the behaviour of materials under different temperature conditions, thus facilitating the development and application of materials in practical applications.

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