Measurement of tribological characteristics

This service measures tribological characteristics using the CETR – UMT 2 equipment. Here are the details:

Test/Modelling Title: Measurement of tribological characteristics.

Equipment/Software Name and Type: CETR – UMT 2, a pin-on-disk tribometer.


  • Purpose: The equipment enables the tribological characteristics, friction and wear of different materials and material pairs to be investigated. Tribology is the scientific study of friction and wear and is important for the optimal design and application of materials and surfaces.
  • Measurement Parameters:
    • Temperature range: 20 – 200°C.
    • Load: 0.01 – 200 N.
    • Velocity: between 0.01 – 10 m/s.
  • Lubrication Testing: The equipment is also suitable for testing lubrication conditions, which can affect friction and wear.

This service can be useful for companies and researchers investigating the tribological properties of different materials, for example in the mechanical engineering, automotive and other fields where friction and wear of materials play a critical role. Measurements help in the design and development of products and components, and in the optimisation of operating conditions.


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