Measurement of physical parameters during foam formation

Our service enables precise measurement of the physical parameters involved in foam formation. The equipment used and the parameters it covers are described below:

Equipment Type

  • Test Standards: Our equipment is capable of performing tests according to ASTM D 7487-18 and EN 14315-1. This ensures that measurements are standardised and comparable.
  • Foam testing: our Foamat 285 is capable of precision testing of flexible foams, allowing detailed analysis of foam structure and properties.
  • Measured Parameters:
    • Start time: measures the time of foam rise onset, which can be important information for understanding the dynamics of foam formation.
    • Foam Rise Time: Measures the duration of foam rise, which helps to determine its lifetime and stability.
    • Foam rise speed: Records the minimum and maximum foam rise speed, which is important for achieving optimal foam quality.
    • Reaction Temperature: Measures the reaction temperature to understand how sensitive foam formation is to temperature changes.
    • Absorption: The rate of absorption, which determines the ability of the foam to absorb liquid or gas.
    • Density: A measure of the density of the foam, which is an indication of the compactness of the material and is important for understanding the quality of the foam.
    • Weight loss: A measurement of the weight loss during foam formation, which determines the efficiency of the chemical reaction.

Our service allows an in-depth study of the foam formation process and helps to achieve and maintain optimal foam quality. This is particularly important for industries where the use of foams is essential, such as in manufacturing or chemical processes. Determining the exact parameters can help to improve product quality and more efficient production.

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