Fatigue testing of structures under internal pressure – pipelines, pressure vessels

The following equipment is used for the “Fatigue test of structures subject to internal pressure (cylindrical and spherical symmetrical) – pipelines, pressure vessels”:


  • Purpose: Fatigue testing of pipelines and pressure vessels subjected to internal pressure. The test makes it possible to determine the service life of such structures and to predict possible fatigue cracks.
  • Pressure: 0-100 bar
  • Water test medium (internal)
  • Temperature range: Ambient and lower
  • External environment: media other than ambient, depending on the test volume

The MTS/100 allows for fatigue testing of structures and pipelines under internal pressure. This test method is important for maintaining the reliability and safety of industrial processes and equipment, especially in areas where pressure vessels and pipelines are used, such as in the oil and gas or chemical industries. The equipment offers the possibility to analyse the performance of pressure structures and to predict fatigue cracks, which can contribute to safe and efficient operation.

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