Fatigue crack propagation test (da/dN – DELTAK)

In the “Fatigue crack propagation test (da/dN – DELTAK)” the following equipment is used:

MTS 312 and MTS 810:

  • Purpose: To test specimens over a wide temperature range, in ambient and environmental media, depending on the material quality and size of the specimen.
  • Load: 250 kN

In fatigue crack propagation testing, materials are subjected to cyclic loading to investigate how cracks develop and propagate in the material over time. This test is often used to assess the reliability and performance of structural components, particularly in areas where fatigue cracking can compromise component integrity, such as aerospace and automotive components.

The “da/dN” indicates the crack propagation rate in the material, while “DELTAK” indicates the reasonable load or deformation required for crack propagation.

The MTS 312 and MTS 810 allow fatigue crack propagation testing under varying environmental and loading conditions, which is important for understanding and improving the reliability and performance of materials.

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