Determination of the Formation Boundary Diagram

This service performs the definition of the deformation boundary diagram, and the equipment used and its specifications are described below:

Test/Modelling Designation.

Equipment/Software Name, Type: Electrohydraulic plate testing equipment.


  • Maximum Load Capacity: The maximum load capacity of the equipment is 600 kN, which allows for heavy load tests.
  • Plate thickness: The plate tester can be used for plate thicknesses up to 5 mm.
  • Forming speed: The forming speed is 4 mm/s, which allows the testing of forming processes.
  • Measuring Temperature Range: The measuring temperature range of the equipment is between 25°C and 500°C, allowing the effect of temperature to be taken into account when determining the forming limit diagram.

This equipment plays an important role in determining the forming properties of materials and their limits, especially in applications where forming and machining of plates or materials is critical.


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