Computer modelling of chemical processes

Computer modelling of chemical processes Our laboratory uses the following equipment and software:

  1. Workstations and Server:
    • A total of 19 workstations and 1 server ensure efficient execution of computer modeling processes.
  2. Software:
    • CAEPIPE: Pipeline analysis software.
    • Visual Vessel Design.
    • Adina: Software for linear and nonlinear strength analysis.
    • Unisim Design: Process engineering software for process design and optimisation.
    • Chemcad: Software for chemical process simulation.
    • SC/Tetra: Software for numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
    • SolidEdge: 3D CAD software.
    • ANSYS: Wide range of simulation software in the fields of electromagnetics, mechanics and flow.
    • GaBi: Life cycle assessment software for environmental impact assessment.

Together, these tools and software enable computer modelling of chemical processes in our laboratory.

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