Chemical safety testing

Our chemical safety laboratory has the following equipment to carry out tests:

  1. Kühner 20-L blasting chamber:
    • Instrumented equipment for testing explosion characteristics
  2. DEKRA MIE equipment (Minimum Ignition Energy):
    • Measures minimum ignition energy, important for fire and explosion safety testing
  3. DEKRA MIT device (Airborne Particulate Ignition Thermometer):
    • Equipment that measures the ignition temperature of airborne dust
  4. DEKRA LIT equipment (Layer ignition therm.):
    • Equipment for testing the ignition temperature of a layer
  5. Measuring data acquisition systems with sensors (HBM Quantum X):
    • Advanced measurement and data acquisition system with sensors for recording test results

The combination of this equipment allows our laboratory to perform chemical safety testing, including explosion characteristics, minimum ignition energy, suspended powder ignition temperature and layer ignition temperature analyses.

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