Chemical operations testing

Our Chemical Operations Laboratory uses the following equipment and software to test chemical operations:

  1. Measurement and Data Acquisition Systems:
    • HBM Quantum X: Measuring Data Acquisition System with sensors that allows the recording and analysis of various measurement parameters.
  2. Steam Generator:
    • Certuss Steam Generator: Equipment for the production of steam.
  3. Control and Shut-off Fittings:
    • ARI Armaturen: Control and shut-off fittings for process control.
  4. Control valves for regulating and controlling valves and fittings:
    • Condensation automats: equipment for condensation of materials.
  5. Condensing units for the production of condensables:
    • Sieve shaker: A device used to separate and filter chemical materials.
  6. Frame Filter Press:
    • Frame Filter Press: Equipment used to recover and dry solids.
  7. Ball Flask Heater:
    • Spherical Flask Heater: Equipment used to generate heat for chemical reactions and processes.
  8. Furnaces:
    • Furnaces: Equipment used for heat treatment processes.

Together, these tools enable the testing of chemical operations in our laboratory, helping to optimise processes and increase their efficiency.

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