Strategies and Challenges in Waste Management – Presentation by Péter Györkös

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  • Strategies and Challenges in Waste Management – Presentation by Péter Györkös

Péter Györkös, the Head of Material and Product Flow at MOHU Zrt., delivered an interesting presentation titled “Hungarian Waste Management System for Establishing a Circular Economy” at the TIP CLUB event. The presentation shed light on the current state of waste management in Hungary and the strategies aimed at transitioning towards a circular economy.

The following topics were covered in the presentation:

Transition from Linear to Circular Economy: Györkös emphasized the need to transition from the linear economic model to the circular one. In a linear economy, products are produced, used, and then discarded, leading to resource depletion and environmental degradation. In contrast, the circular economy aims to maximize resource utilization, minimize waste generation, and support sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Waste Hierarchy: The presentation highlighted the waste hierarchy, which prioritizes steps that minimize waste generation and maximize resource recovery. Concession: Györkös discussed the importance of concessions in compliance with EU directives and progress towards a circular economy.

Investment Intensity: Significant investments in waste management infrastructure and technology are needed to support the transition to a circular economy.

Concession Waste Management Areas: The presentation provided an overview of the waste management areas covered by the concession.

Maximizing Returns from Metal-Containing Waste: Györkös detailed metal-containing waste streams, emphasizing the importance of maximizing returns.

The presentation can be viewed at the following link:

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